The Company

Chapman Aviation is on the only airport in the Ottawa area with a beautiful runway and absolutely gorgeous seaplane base on the same location. The company was first established in 1980 by John Chapman and his wife, Carolyn and provides a wide array of pilot training and rental facilities plus single engine charter to points in Canada.

Chapman Aircraft Servicing established in 1977 is a related company that not only maintains the aircraft for Chapman Aviation but also for a broad client base of commercial and private pilots alike. We have two licensed AME’s on staff with a wide range of capabilities and many years of experience.


CHAPMAN AIRCRAFT SERVICE Ltd.                                                            capabilities include:

AMO 349-92 ratings in catagoies Aircraft, Avionics, Instruments, Structures, Welding

Aircraft: Piston Powered aircraft to MTOW of 5700 kg.

Avionics: Recertify 121.5 and 406 ELTs.  Altimeter/ Encoder Correlations.                        Transponder/ Encoder Installations.   NavComm Installations.

Instruments: Altimeter 24 month recertification

Structures: Cessna 100/200 series wing fixture and fixtures for Cessna 100 and 200 series control surfaces. 

Welding: We do steel tube and fabric repairs and have facilities to paint any repair work to match existing paint.

Annual inspections: M1, M2 experienced on DC3, DHC-6, DHC-3, DHC-2, C-500, C-421, C-411, PA-31, DA20, DA40

Pre-purchase Inspections: We pride ourselves in having a good reputation for our pre-purchase inspections. We can provide you the buyer with the tools to make an informed purchase.

Float Planes: Changeovers for wheels, floats and skis (have regularly changed over aircraft as large as DHC-3)

Aircraft salvage: We have successfully rescued damaged wheel and seaplanes and rebuilt them. (one from the Arctic; Wager Bay, Nunavut.)

A 2700 sq. ft. addition was added to the hanger fall of 2003 and we look forward to moving our shops into this area freeing up hanger space. The company specialties are American Champion Aircraft and Cessna 180/185 and 206’s on floats however we maintain a wide variety of aircraft. These include Cessna, Beech, Mooney, Piper, and a variety of home-builts. Two employees have recieved training from Diamond to maintain thier aircraft and we are in the process of completeing a 2000 hr inspection on a DA-40 and are doing the modification to extend the wing life to 6000 hours. We also maintained two DA-20’s for a flying school for a number of years. Our stock includes many parts for these aircraft plus a good selection of American Champion and Piper PA-28 parts. If you need a tire, a battery or other repairs on the week-end, we can probably provide it!

Located on the Arnprior Municipal Airport (CNP3) with rapidly expanding facilities including a 4000 foot runway, a 2500 foot runway, and a float plane base.

NOTE: Chapman Aircraft has closed the maintenance base on the Carp Airport.